Comprehensive, evidence-based strategy and research solutions tailored to your exact needs.


Scientific Research


SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE REVIEWS to keep you up-to-date on cutting edge discoveries, prepare for funding applications, or explore the potential of your products or services.

COMPETITIVE ANALYSES of the biological mechanisms, strengths, and weaknesses underlying your competitors' products or services.

MODEL DESIGN to experimentally test your product or service in a pre-clinical or clinical model.

FUNDING ACQUISITION SUPPORT through writing or editing grant or funding applications.



Business Development


BUSINESS MODEL DEVELOPMENT providing you a solid commercialization strategy to bring your idea, product, or service to the market.

MARKET RESEARCH to understand and navigate the potential of your product or service within today and tomorrow's market landscape.

COMPETITIVE ANALYSES to evaluate the economical strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing your company.

PITCH DECK PREPARATION or FUNDING ACQUISITION SUPPORT through writing or editing funding applications.



Technical Support


TROUBLESHOOTING past technical roadblocks in your research & development pipeline, in-lab or remotely.

PROTOCOL OPTIMIZATION to find the most efficient and cost-effective methods to perform your work.

TECHNICAL AND METHODOLOGICAL REPORTS evaluating the different techniques/methods available to achieve your objectives, helping you decide on the most effective approach.



Collaboration establishment


Interested in forming a partnership with an ACADEMIC RESEARCH GROUP or CLINICIAN? We are deeply connected with the major universities and hospitals across Ontario and can provide your company with introductions to the right partner or champion.